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Well, season 77 has been a corker for us as guest hosts. Thank you for having us - now, let's see who won!

Early into week two, it was still all to play for with more than half a dozen people crowding the top of the leaderboard. Then, on day 10 Thornton Wilder proved to be an absolute stumper for almost everyone. (His play "Our Town" has been widely used in school curricula in the US, and his play "The Matchmaker" is better known in its musical form as "Hello, Dolly!")

From then on, the top of the pack started to falter here and there, leaving just Tony and Allie to tackle the remaining questions while vying for the top position. Then, on day 13 when Skellig Michael got the better of Allie, Tony was able to clinch the season. His only misfire came on day 14 when the University of Kentucky alluded him. Very nearly a perfect 14/14!

Congratulations, then, to Tony for a well-deserved win and many congratulations to everyone else who stuck with us - it was marvellous to see everyone's range of knowledge.


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