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Season 78 saw a return of your “old” quizmaster after a couple of seasons off duty and the plan was to make an easy season to welcome everyone back after the summer. However, apparently the hard-o-meter was out of whack, because the questions turned out to be harder than anticipated. But... despite the semi-insane difficulty level a few of you still managed to get almost everything right.

Up until day ten, Allie, Bob and Sarah knocked every question out of the park, but that was until we reached a really nerdy football question. Listing FC Barcelona players according to when they joined the club turned out to be extremely difficult. Only five quizzers managed to come up with the right answer. One of the five quizzers was Allie, which meant that she left Bob and Sarah one step behind. But the season was not over yet and on the very last day of the season Allie stumbled over some Russian dolls and since Bob and Sarah both aced the last four questions, the three of them were tied for the top spot.

The topic of the tie-break was the animals of the Chinese zodiac. This proved to be a very popular topic as fifteen quizzers participated and five of you managed to name all 12 animals (well done!). But were any of the three at the top among the five..? Sarah managed to name 10 animals (but not the horse and the goat), Bob managed to name 11 animals (but not the current animal… the pig). Allie initially also named 11 animals but after a short while she came back and crowed the last one… the rooster!

That means that Allie is our new champion - congratulations!. This is Allies sixth championship... very well done, Allie!


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