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Season 80 started more or less as easy as Season 79 did. Up until day nine Tony Moore, Dan Palethorpe, Isuru Anuradha, Jens Andersen, Paul Lawton, Bob Thompson Sisira Mark Anthony and Kathryn Hutchinson still hadn’t missed a beat. But a tricky movie question hit the quizzers straight between the eyes and caused more than half the frontrunners to stumble. And a very hard double whammy of bubble blowing arcade dragons and faulty engineering a few days later made everyone take a misstep. On day 14 two players were tied for first plays with 13 points each, Tony and Isuru.

That meant a tie-break was in order. The topic? The seven natural wonders of Africa. Tony managed to come up with a single wonder, but Isuru nailed it and correctly named five of the answers. Therefore, Isuru is our new champion. This is Isurus first championship. Please give him a big round of applause.

And a little inside baseball. On the last day of the season Olav Rovers (our first Dutch quizzer) joined in. That put the total number of active quizzers up to 75. I am pleased to say that this is a new record. The next logical (and ambitious) goal must be 100 active users, so I hope you will all invite your friends (and foes) so the quiz will continue to grow.


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