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In the season 81, a relatively easy season for our quiz pros at Quizzypedia, by Day 12 Tony,Bob and Sisra was leading the pack with answering all 12 questions, closely followed by Sarah.. However Tony, Bob and Sisira both had trouble remembering Phillipe Petit and Sarah roared back to the leading pack again. They all answered correctly Alanis Moristte’s you learn and ended the season with three way tie with scoring 13/14. The leading pack was closely followed by Bob, Katheryn and Niels each of them scoring 12 in the season. For the tie breaker, Tony, Sarah & Sisira’s task was to name as much as events possible in 2020 summer Olympics games in Japan. Sarah named 37 correctly, Sisira scored 43 while Tony named 47 of them and came on top in the tie breaker. We have a new winner for Season 81 - Tony Moore. Congratulations, Tony- Well done! Please give him a big round of applause.I believe this is Tony’s 14th championship over and he is continuing his good form through season and back on top after season 77, Congratulations Tony. Very Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as the guest quizmaster for last couple of days while Henrik is enjoying the warm weather somewhere (I don’t know where he is, but he seems to back online today :) ) and I thank you all for supporting me and Henrik over the past two weeks. Wish you all the very best for the coming season. Cheers. Words from Henrik: The next logical (and ambitious) goal must be 100 active users, so I hope you will all invite your friends (and foes) so the quiz will continue to grow.


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