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Season 82 started out fairly easy, but a hard math question on day seven saw a few of the usual top contenders stumble. After that a string of four semi easy questions made for more or less smooth sailing at the top of the tables. However, the final three questions on women’s fashion, Swiss artists and (particularly) Dutch criminals made everyone miss (at least) one beat.

At the end of the season three players were tied at 13 points, so Sarah, Sisira and Tony had to fight it out in a tie-break. This time the topic was Julia Roberts’ feature films. This turned out to be a popular theme as nine quizzers chose to participate (among those Niels, who did particularly well with 30 correct answers - well done!) But when it came down to it all eyes were on Sara, Sisira and Tony. Tony did well by naming 11 Julia Roberts flicks, but he was beaten by just one point by Sisira who managed to correctly identify twelve films. The two gentlemen were, however, left in the dust by Sarah who managed to name a whooping 32 films - quite remarkable really. That means that Sarah is our new champion. This is Sarah’s second championship. Please give her a big round of applause.

And please remember that Ravindu will be behind the wheel in season 83. Do greet him warmly.


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