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Season 83 started out fairly easy, but couple of hard questions on the mid-way stumped a few of the usual top contenders . Season had lot of participants who scored all three questions right in the first three days, but Sisira stumbled on General Lee on Day 3, which meant by Day 8, there was a three-way tie with him, Sarah and Dan. The leading pack was closely followed by Bjarke Hansen, Bob, Duncan and Julius who scored 6 of first 8 questions.

However, Sisira recovered back with the string of correct answers until Day 13 where he had to answer Léo Delibes, which meant Sarah may challenged him for the top position but Sisira managed to answer the day 14 question and came out as a winner for the season 83.

This is Sisira’s fifth championship, he came close to winning fair few, but had tie breaker jinx against him, but in this season, he didn’t leave it to the last moment.

Please give him a big round of applause.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as the guest quizmaster for the season 83 and handing the reins back to Henrik for the new season. Wish you all well and Happy Quizzing!


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