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Season 85 turned out to be one of the hardest seasons we have ever had. The season as a whole saw a correct answer percentage all the way down to 34, so I think it is fair to say that you guys had to sharpen your pencils (or keyboards) to get points on the scoreboard this time around.

And the first brain twister already appeared on day 3 (this was unintentional as I thought the question would be easier than it turned out to be). Only 26 percent of the quizzers managed to come up with the correct answer (a number that is usually between 70 and 90!). The next question to cause major problems came early too - on day 5 - when you were asked to name the gentleman who finished Magellan’s circumnavigation of Earth. Only 14 percent managed to answer that correctly and only two quizzers, Laruchka and Ramindu, had full marks at this point.

The pair stayed together all the way to day 10 (both quizzers missed day 7 about the oldest hotel in the world) when another history question (the one about African colonies, that created a bit of a stir) caused Ramindu to stumble. After this point it was smooth sailing for Laruchka, who with 13 of 14 possible points in a very difficult season is our new champion.

This is Laruchka’s 8th championship and although the bulk of her trophies have gathered a little dust on the mantelpiece, Season 85 goes to show that she has certainly still got it. Well done! Please give her a big round of applause. And please give a big hand to John Larkin too, who was kind enough to supply me with the questions for the season.

Do join the upcoming season - It is going to be “very easy”... I promise.


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