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For the first time in a very long time more than 50 percent of the answers this season were correct. That could mean one of two things. Either the season was very easy or you guys were uncommonly smart. Let’s assume the latter was true. ;)

But since you were all very clever this season, it also meant that the leaderboard was very crowded at the top. After day 10, 8 quizzers (Dan Palethorpe, Duncan McDonald, Jens Andersen, Jon Inge Kolden, Kirsten Werther Melchiorsen, Niels Søndergaard, Radmilo Dimitrijevic, Stig Riiber) still had full marks and I started racking my brain for a possible tie-break-question. However, the last four questions proved to be much harder than the previous 10 and day by day the group of championship contenders grew smaller.

On day 13, only two men were left standing, Duncan and Radmilo, and the final question would reveal if they could both keep their cool, get the perfect season and activate the tie-break. Duncan was quickly out of the gate with a correct answer to the national sport of Argentina (and thus a perfect season), so it all came down to Radmilo’s answer. For a while, silence was all I heard, but finally an answer ticked in and it was… incorrect.

Radmilo was very close to winning his first championship, but he had to see the place in the Quizzypedia hall of fame go to another first time champion. Duncan has come close to winning many times, but this time he finally managed to secure his first trophy. Congratulations! Well done, mate. Please give him a big round of applause.


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