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Season 94 was mixed with easy questions as well as hard ones. Some questions had more than 30 points but only two quizzers gave the correct answers for day 5 which was based on Periodic table and three quizzers gave the correct answer for day 13. At the end of 14 day Sisira, Bastian, Jon and Adrian were in a tie for the top spot. So it was the time to go for the tie-breaker, again. Contestants were asked to name the soccer clubs that won UEFA Champions league. Sisira came up with 14 correct answers and 1 incorrect answer. There have been 22 soccer clubs altogether who won the Champions League. After missing the top spot because of Day 13 and Day 5, Bastian managed to recall 20 out of 22 Clubs correctly. He missed PSV and Aston Villa. And that gave Bastian a fair and square 6 point lead over at the tie-breaker question. Therefore Bastian is our new champion and this is his first championship. Congratulations, Bastian!!! Please give him a big round of applause!

Thanks for taking part of this season and hope you all enjoyed it. I would like to thank Mr. Henrik for giving me this opportunity to host this season, which I also enjoyed conducting. Thank you all. Stay Safe!. Guest Quizmaster Isuru Anuradha.


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