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Unlike Season 95, Season 96 was very easy. Too easy in fact. The overall difficulty level of the season was 60 %. The hard-o-meter was set to 48 % so I was off by a record breaking 12 percentage points… to the easy side. I will take this into consideration when making future question sets.

Because the difficulty level was so low, the top of the tables was packed until the very end. On day 12, 11 quizzers still had a chance of a perfect season. Luckily, the hard-o-meter was completely fine tuned on the last two days, which meant that on the final day only three contestants - Bob t., Lars and Sisira - managed to stick the landing and get that perfect season.

But there was still no way around a tie-break. This time the topic was Ballon d’Or winners. A topic that was not as easy as it might seem because all time greats like Péle and Diego Maradona never received the Golden Ball. But it was a popular topic nonetheless as 10 quizzers chose to participate. A special mention should go out to Kathryn who managed to score 28 out of 44 possible points - very impressive. But the spotlight should go back on the three top contestants.

Lars managed to name a lot of great players, but unfortunately 6 of them never won the award and for that reason he ended on 6 points. Sisira managed to correctly identify 24 winners, but three wrong answers took his final score down to 21 points. Bob identified 25 players and with only one mistake his final score was 24. That means, that after a super tight season Bob Thompson is our new champion. This is Bob’s second championship and to be honest I had to dust off the annals to find out when exactly he won his first championship. After intensive searching (my scroll finger is numb) I found out that his first victory came in season 49. That just goes to prove that the Quizzypedia veteran certainly hasn’t lost his touch. Well done, Bob. Congratulations! Please give him a big round of applause.

PLEASE NOTE - that Debajyoti Adhikari has been kind enough to offer to host the upcoming season of Quizzypedia. So stay tuned for questions related to lock-downs and all things Corona.


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