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55 players took part in this Season. Most players did well on the questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its predecessors. A score of 6-7 has been the average, which is pretty good considering this was a themed quiz. The remaining set of questions was about the pop culture which we hear, see and read about this crisis. It is these questions which separated the top 13 players from the rest.

Marion, Niels, Nilmanie, Sudip, Øyvind ~ 8 pts. Kiran, Pam ~ 9 pts. Prabhash ~ 10 pts. Isuru, Lars ~ 11 pts.

The top 3 with 12 points went into a Tie-breaker on film scene recreations. The TB was hard fought. In 3rd place 🥉with 11 correct and 1 incorrect responses is Flemming Borg Nielsen. In 2nd place with 14 correct is Dorian Willems. Finally the winner with 15 is Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan. Many congratulations to you!

Now I, Debajyoti, handover the reins of this group back to Henrik for Season 98.


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