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With an average difficulty level of 50, Season 98 hit the Goldilocks Zone - it wasn’t too easy and it wasn’t too difficult and therefore habitable to most of you out there. That being said, the hard-o-meter was hardly as fine tuned as I would have liked it to be. I had expected 80% of you to whip up Eliot Ness on Day 3, but only 54% of you did. My question on tech business leaders on Day 4 didn’t fare much better as only 24% got that question right (H-O-M was 45). But the question that really fell flat was the Amiga 500 one on Day 10. Only 4% solved what I thought to be a clever little puzzle (H-O-M was set to 40) - but alas, it turned out to be a tad to cryptic after all (I did, however, think that “Lolita Doll” was an inspired guess). On the “bright side” I was also wrong to the easy side a couple of times (most notably House of Medici on day 13) which meant that in the end, the difficulty evened out.

Because the season as a whole was relatively easy, a few quizzers were bound to have almost all questions right. And indeed that was the case. On day 13, five quizzers, Ananthakrishnan, Dan, Duncan, Lars and Niels had 12 points each. But on Day 14 a lesbian cartoonist stood in the way of 3 of them, so in the end two men, Ananthakrishnan and Niels, were left to fight it out in the tie-break with 13 points each. The topic was Highest Grossing Films of All Time - Adjusted for Inflation. Niels did well, really well, in fact, by correctly identifying 21 of the 25 films, but 4 misfires pulled him down to a final score of 17 points. Ananthakrishnan, on the other hand named 24 out of 25 films correctly and with only one misfire his final score ends on a truly remarkable 23 points.

This is Ananthakrishnan’s second championship in a row, surely the next goal will be a place on the podium in the world quizzing championships! Congratulations on an almost flawless season. Well done!


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