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Season 99 had 70 active quizzers this season and with a relatively easy season (average difficulty level 51) I was busy as a bee answering you guys and updating the leaderboard. But you won't find me complaining (too much) as long as the quiz is growing. So do keep inviting your friends and quiz buddies.

A relatively easy season usually also means a densely packed leaderboard at the top of the tables and a tie-break as the inevitable out come. But this season should turn out to be different. One by one all quizzers missed one question here or there and when Duncan was unable to come up with the name of the Chinese dissection puzzle on day 10 Dorian Willems was alone at the top. Duncan did the best he could and had an outstanding season with 13 points, but Dorian didn't miss a beat and with a perfect season he is our new champion. This is Dorian's first championship. Congratulations - well done!


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