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Season 100 - WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The centennial season of Quizzypedia turned out to be quite a popular affair. 77 quizzers chose to participate which is the second highest number of active players ever. Whether this was due to a morbid fascination or genuine surprise to see the otherwise quite anonymous quizmaster show up in video streams, or it was some other factor that drew all you guys to this season like moths to a flame, will never be know. But I sure do appreciate that so many of you swung by and chose to chime in with answers.

Later today, I will post a poll where you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion about a few of the new initiatives we’ve had this past season. I hope you will spend a couple of minutes to let us know what you thought.

Okay, enough inside baseball for now. Let’s turn to how the season played out. Season 100 was, just like the previous one, a little to the easy side with an average difficulty of 51. The three most difficult questions were the Yeats poem (difficulty 17) on day 12, the Microsoft Shortcut (difficulty 18) on day 13 and the Jazz term (difficulty 21) on day 4. This meant that no one managed to have a perfect season, but an astounding 6 players managed to get 13 points. So Dan, Dorian, Duncan, Jens, Kathy and Tony went head to head to head to head to head to head in the tie-break. The category was the world’s largest lakes and it proved to be a very popular topic with 13 participating quizzers.

Of the six top contenders no one had a score lower than 9, which I must say is quite impressive. Two quizzers, Kathy and Tony, managed to get 13 poin

ts each, but no one really came close to Duncan who reached a score of 15 points. So, as you’ve alle guessed by now, Duncan is the champion of season 100. This is Duncan’s fourth championship - a true feat.

Please give him a big round of applause.

And do stay tuned, because we have some exciting news coming up in a few hours...


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