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Season 134 - Last Call !!!

Last Call !!! Don’t forget to join Season 134.

The first three questions are: _____ Day 1: Category: French History On 14 July 1789, French revolutionaries stormed and seized control of a medieval armory, fortress, and political prison in Paris. What was the name of the armory? July 14 is a national holiday in France named after the above mentioned event.

_____ Day 2: Category: Comics and Cartoons What is the name of the gunslinging titular caracter of a series of comic book albums, created by Belgian cartoonist Morris in 1946? The cowboy is famous for being faster than his own shadow, he has a trusty steed named Jolly Jumper and the Dalton brothers are his recurring adversaries.

_____ Day 3:

Category: Athletics This Jamaican-Slovenian track and field sprinter is the current indoor record holder for 200 meters - a record set in 1993. She represented Jamaica from 1978 to 2002 and Slovenia from 2002 to 2012. She was named Jamaican Sportswoman of the Year 13 times between 1979 and 1995. The atlete has won 9 olympic medals and holds the record for the most Olympic appearances (7) of any track and field athlete. What is her name?

Go to our website to submit your answers, download the Android App in Google Play or answer here by sending a direct message.


And do invite your annoying aunt, your brilliant brother, your clever cousin, your discerning dad, your enlightened electrician, your fastidious friend, your gifted girlfriend, your highbrow hairdresser, your judicious janitor, your keen kitchen helper, your learned librarian, your mischievous mother-in-law, your nimble nanny, your omniscient optician, your perceptive paperboy, your quirky quarry worker, your resourceful reporter, your savvy step-sister, your thoughtful tailor, your understanding uncle, your versatile vicar, your wise waitress, your xenodochial x-ray inspector, your yeasty yard inspector and your zealous zoologist.  Game on!

Leaderboard: Most important rules: 1) No googling! 2) DON’T WRITE the answer on the wall, go to and submit your answer there. 3) Only one answer per contestant, per question. 4) The answer will be revealed after 3 days (except for the last two questions).

For the extended rulebook, see here:

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