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Season 187 - Last Call !!!

Don’t forget to join Season 187.

The first three questions made by Henrik Mølgaard are: Day 1:Category: Actors and Actresses

Which Canadian-born actor, renowned for his expressive facial contortions and energetic slapstick performances, rose to fame in the 1990s with a string of successful comedies, including 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,' 'The Mask,' and 'Dumb and Dumber,' and later showcased his dramatic abilities in films like 'The Truman Show' and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'?

Day 2:Category: Formula One Racers

In the world of Formula One, this British racing driver (born 1985) has etched his name as one of the sport's all-time greats. Known for his impressive tally of World Drivers' Championship titles and a notable rivalry with Nico Rosberg, he kick-started his Formula One career with McLaren in 2007, clinching his first title the following year. Recognized for his vocal stance on social and environmental issues, and his longstanding association with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, who is this driver?

Day 3:Category: Genetics

In the realm of molecular biology, this term refers to the complete set of genetic material present in a cell or organism. It includes not just the genes, but also the non-coding sequences of DNA or RNA. What is this term, fundamental to genetics, that represents the entirety of an organism's hereditary information?


Go to our website to submit your answers, download the Android App in Google Play or answer here by sending a direct message. Leaderboard: Most important rules: 1. No googling! 2. DON’T WRITE the answer on the wall go to and submit your answer there. 3. Only one answer per contestant per question. 4. The answer will be revealed after 3 days (except for the last two questions).

For the extended rulebook, see here:

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